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Contraries: The Life Saving Anti Modality

Law of Contraries is the attempt to save life from the natural outcome of nature’s Natural Dynamic Flow.

The dynamic flow of nature, referred to as; QI, pronounced "CHEE", Prana, Vital Force, Life Force, etc. has a pace, cadence, and rhythm that moves with a momentum of the seasons. It does not move very fast. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, are free flowing dynamics that appear in their time, and moves away when it is time for them to do so. When the dynamic pace of an event: gunshot wounds, trauma, poisons, allergic reactions etc. exceeds the pace of nature’s natural flow, a response or reaction that moves quicker than the pace of Nature’s Natural Flow is required. The Law of Contraries is most appropriately applied when the need to respond is moving faster than nature’s natural flow. This is most called for in acute emergency situations. Not appropriately applying the Law of Contraries could result in an extremely unfortunate outcome including DEATH.

The Mission of the Medical Physician, (M.D.) is to save lives, cure, or at least manage disease. This is centered on Five Disciplines of Medicine: Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology and Surgery. Medical Physicians, are trained to accurately and safely apply the Law of Contraries. This Law is an unnatural application of (Drugs and Surgery) utilized when that which is most needed is contrary to Natures’ Natural Flow. Allos means anti or against. This is why many of the tools utilized in the practice of medicine are Anti-Biotic, Anti-Depressants, Anti-Hypertensives, etc. The practice of medicine is referred to as Allopathy because it works against the natural flow of nature. Physicians who apply this law are acting Allopathically even when utilizing natural substances, methods and procedures.     

In addition to the five Disciplines of Medicine, the Healing Physician is trained in the methods of growing health, based on Five Fundamental Laws of Healing: Bio-Dynamics, Bio-Chemistry, Contraries, Similars, Structure & Function.

When dynamic energy, flows with ease, and without limitation, its expression of ease is referred to as health. Any limitation to the natural flow of this ineffable universal dynamic, is considered to be dis-ease, and the root of the expression of symptoms. The fundamental mission of the Medical Physician is to’ save lives, cure or at least manage disease. The fundamental mission of the Healing Physician is to facilitate the flow of universal dynamics to a state of ease. The outcome and expression of the state of ease in the animating process brings about a state of health and the ultimate expression of wellness. When a limitation is so deranged that it threatens the very animating process, workings of the Allopathic Physician is most appropriate in preventing an extreme derangement and limitation to the natural flow that may otherwise result in the loss of life.

All the Laws of Healing are, good provided they are appropriately applied and implemented properly.