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Healing Takes Courage The Art of Healing

Restoring the Dynamic Natural Flow of Nature

The (Bio-Dynamic) relationship between the greater whole of the universe and all life forms is said to be the result of a flow of energy referred to as QI, pronounced "CHEE", Prana, Vital Force, Life Force, etc... This free flow of energy from the larger whole through the physical gives an expression that we call life. When this energy flows with ease and without limitation, this expression of ease is refere to as health. Any limitation to the natural flow of this ineffable universal dynamic, is considered to be dis-ease and the root of the expression of symptoms. The fundamental mission of the Healing Physician is to facilitate the return to ease of the natural flow of universal energy in its animating process.

A classic example of a methodology that facilitates this flow of energy is noted in the art of acupuncture. This ancient healing tradition dating back thousands of years is focused on moving universal energy through 14 energy channels that run throughout the body and referred to as meridians. The Chinese perceived human beings as a small part of a larger whole, reflecting everything that is contained within the larger whole. Like a hologram, that is a reflection of a larger central image, life on earth is a reflection of a larger Universal Intellegence. Living organisms are considered to be part of an unbroken continuum.

Better Living with Nutrition and Herbal Remedies

Once the body is provided with the issential nutrients (Bio-Chemistry) needed in animating process , interference to proper function is minimized. Health and Well-Being can be restored and maintained. Important functions of the body are dependent on the following:

• Vitamins
• Antioxidants
• Proteins

• Good Fats
• Carbohydrates
• Minerals

Medications and Drugs both over the counter and by prescription can deplete the body of important nutrients. Also, it is well-documented and accepted that the American diet is not adequate to ensure optimal heath. Therefore, supplementation is an integral part of our pursuite of restoring and maintaining health and wellness.

Assorted Fruits

In today's hustle, bustle, non-stop world, everyone is affected by at least one of the three primary causes of Dis-ease. These three causes are dehydration, starvation, and fatigue. By addressing and removing these imbalances, and by eliminating toxins, our body has the ability to return itself to a state of health and wellness. When the body is exposed over a prolonged period of time to stress, either as a result of poor eating habits, lack of rest, or environmental pollution, proper body function is lost and dis-ease begins to limit the natural healthy expression of life and signs and symptoms of illness begin to appear. Find out more about the services offered at our wellness centers in Los Angeles, CA and Boise and Nampa, Idaho.