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The art of Acupuncture is part of an ancient culture dating back thousands of years. The Chinese, perceived human beings as a small part of a larger whole, reflecting all that is contained within the larger whole. Like a hologram that is a reflection of a larger central image, life on earth is a reflection of a larger universal whole. Living organisms are considered to be part of that unbroken continuum. The relationship between the greater whole and small life forms is said to be the result of a flow of energy referred to as QI pronounced ("CHEE"). The free flow of energy from the larger whole through the smaller expression gives an image which we call life. When this energy flows with ease and without limitation, this is considered to be an expression of health. Any limitation to the natural flow of universal energy, through its smaller expression, is considered to be dis-ease and the primary cause of symptoms. The primary mission of acupuncture is to facilitate the natural flow of universal energy through the 14 energy channels (meridians) that run throughout the body.


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