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The approach to health care has now evolved to the point where belief that morbid states are caused not by germs alone, but more because of the influences from the environment and an individual's lifestyle. Mounting evidence is clearly demonstrating the fact that environment is the primary determinant of the state of general health of any population. Today's disease patterns have shifted from the plaques of old and more toward diseases created, either by malnutrition or by the various affects of medical treatment. The primary focus of Ayurveda is to create a healthy living environment (lifestyle) that is conducive to the enhanced state of wellness and well-being brought about by the various other healing arts.

The Ayurvedic practitioner focuses on the individual's diet with the additional use of various herbs and spices, exercise, fasting, meditation, and correction of personal behavior. Within the ayurvedic system, three basic environments (doshas) are found within each living organism. The foundation of Ayurveda reflects the laws of nature, inherent in life and all living beings. This healing art has recently been made popular through the writings and efforts of Dr. Depak Chopra.


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