QVIUS Integrative Medical Centers offer a multidisciplinary approach with services that include:


The basic principle of Chiropractic is centered around the belief that the ability to which the body functions at its full potential is directly related to the efficiency by which the nervous system is operating. Chiropractic views the spinal column as the lifeline of the nervous system, and the nervous system as the primary means by which life is expressed. Structural mal-alignments within the spinal column, causes imbalance in the natural flow of nervous energy to the body. Therefore, optimal expression of life force is directly related to the structure and function of the spinal column. This being the case, the spinal column deserves the best of care and maintenance. Through the process of analysis, detection and correction of structural anomalies referred to as "subluxations," chiropractic care can be very useful in restoring balance to the body.


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