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Stimulate Your Body's Natural Healing with Homeopathy

The word homeopathy is derived from the Greek homoios for similar, and pathos for suffering. Homeopathy is considered by some to be the most effective form of natural medicine developed in the last 200 years. Discovered in the late 1700s by a German physician, chemist, and medical translator named Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy has since been practiced throughout the world.

Homeopathy is based on the theory that what can produce a picture of dis-ease in an otherwise healthy individual,  cures a similar picture of dis-ease in a sick person with similar symptoms. This is known as the law of similars, or "like cures like." Homeopathic remedies consist of administering tiny doses of natural substances, which in larger doses would create the same symptoms as those ailments being expressed. These treatments are designed to stimulate a person's inherent curative powers. When a homeopathic remedy is given, an individual's inherent healing power, or vital force, is stimulated to restore balance and bring about a rapid and gentle relief of symptoms. This works on all levels, including the mental, emotional, and physical. Homeopathy does not attempt to cure a specific disease; rather, it stimulates an individual's inherent healing power.

Similars - Homeopathy

Constitutional Homeopathy

Constitutional treatment is indicated for chronic health problems, such as rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, and episodic problems, such as urinary tract infections or irritable bowel syndrome. It is especially helpful when the patient states they have "not been well since" a particular occurrence in their life. A constitutional homeopathic evaluation entails an in-depth and comprehensive case history. The case history covers a number of different areas, including:

• Any Current & Past Medical Problems
• Family History
• Personality Type
• Body Type

• Physical Characteristics
• General Manner
• Responses to Major Environmental,
   Physical & Emotional Crisis

Patient complaints are often an indication that the body's energetic force, which has never fully recovered from a prior harmful stimulus. Such incidents include:

• An Injury like a bee sting or head concussion
• Exposure to a Harsh EnvironHnt like cold air or the bright, hot sun
• Trauma like Childbirth or a Drug Reaction from a Vaccination

• An Emotional Crisis such as Grief over the Death of a Loved one or  Pet,     an Insult, or a Fright

A Rapidly Expanding Treatment Option

We are interested in not only the offending occurrence, but also the patient's individual and personalized response, as each response points to a different remedy type. Traditional homeopathic remedies are not synthetic, but rather energetic extracts from natural substances. They remove symptoms without suppressing them, and produce no new symptoms, which we call side effects.  Homeopathy is more popular in Europe than in the United States. An estimated 40% of the French and 34% of the British use homeopathic remedies. The U.S. market is rapidly gaining, and appears to be doubling every five years.

Beyond Treating Symptoms

Until now, medicines most readily available without prescription have been conventional or allopathic drugs. These drugs help mask the symptoms of our illnesses, and as a result we feel better. Traditional drugs, however, do not help to restore our body to its normal healthy balance and may produce undesirable side effects. Although symptoms are what guides a homeopath to the proper remedy, homeopathy treats the whole person and not just symptoms of the illness.

Constitution (Classical) homeopathy is offered in all QVIUS Healing Arts Centers in Los Angeles, CA and Boise & Nampa, ID, by Dr. Edwin C. Floyd, a California licensed Doctor of Chiropractic and classically trained Homeopath. Dr. Floyd  graduated in 1977 from the University of Pasadena School of Chiropractic.