QVIUS Integrative Medical Centers offer a multidisciplinary approach with services that include:

"the healing touch"

The word Somiatry is derived from two Greek words: Soma(meaning body) and Iatric (pertaining to medicine or to the work of a physician). The ending (ia) is used to terminate the name of a disease, state or condition. Somiatry is a philosophy of life, health and healing based on recognition that life is an expression of an organized and intelligent universal energy. Energy expressed with ease is what is considered health. Limitation of the expression of said energy is considered dis-ease. Utilizing various methods and procedures to mechanically work with the body, the Somiatrist (Body worker) attempts to facilitate ease of the expression of the animating vital force. Body work and aromatherapy are services offered at the Los Angeles center by a certified massage therapist experienced in working with the body's muscles and structure. Touch for Health, a component of Somiatry is offered by Dr. Edwin C. Floyd at both the Los Angeles and Boise centers.


e-mail: health@qvius.org

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