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The Art of Healing

Healing Humanity One Individual at a Time

QUANTUM~VERITAS International University Systems, "QVIUS" is paving the way for a more modern and updated community of healthcare professionals who are truly called to the mission of Healing. QVIUS has initiated a new calling and coming together of health care professionals in a nondenominational and ecumenical movement throughout the world. The mission is to Heal Humanity, One Individual At A Time, By Any Means Necessary and the Truest Means. This is the new calling of Somiatry.

Healing Quote

The Healing Physician

The medical physician endeavors to install health either chemically or surgically. The healing physician, endeavors to grow health through the utilization of Five Fundamental Laws of Healing.


• Structure & Function

Servants to Humanity

QVIUS established the degree credential; Disciplined in Dynamic Integral Medica (D.D.I.M.). This credential has been presented to a select group of physicians who have taken it upon themselves to acquire the healing skills needed to take on this noble challenge, and have demonstrated a willingness to function as a Servant to Humanity. This initial group of physicians serves as a template for those to follow.

Medical Professionals

A New Kind of Health Care Professional

Health care professionals with acceptable degrees as physicians are granted the credential: Disciplined in Dynamic Integral Medica (D.D.I.M.). The degree Doctor of Dynamic Integral Medica (D.D.I.M.) is granted to those who have successfully completed the Somiatry curriculum. The Somiatry Physician is not a medical physician, but rather healing physicians empowered with the skills needed to appropriately implement the Five Fundamental of the  Laws of Healing in a pursuit of a quality expression of Li9life, health & Healing.

A true health facilitating physician is in possession of such knowledge and skills, but during the modern industrial age of reductionism, things were reduced to their fundamental functional components and each component was assigned its appropriate place.

This greatly impacted the medical and healing community, as each law became its own profession. Bio-Dynamic became Oriental Medicine, Biochemistry became Naturopathy (ND), Contraries became Allopathic (MD), Similars became Homeopathy, and Structure & Function became Chiropractic (DC). Somiatry represents the reunification of the medical denominations and a return to the calling of the Dynamic Healing Physician (D.D.I.M), capable of competently and appropriately navigating the Five Fundamental Laws of Healing. Few physicians today, regardless of their calling, possess such skills.

Energy Healing

The Thinking Element

Surgeons and practitioners represent the skill-performing practical component within the medical community. Unlike the skilled component of surgeons and practitioners, physicians represent a thinking element charged with the fundamental task of assessing the state of health of an individual, determining the threat of such state to the individual, the immediate environment, and the community at large.

QUANTUM~VERITAS International University Systems (QVIUS) presents the Degree Credential, Doctor of Dynamic Integral Medica, (D.D.I.M), to those who have demonstrated a competency to handle the task of a dynamic thinking healing physician. These individuals carry the QVIUS endorsement as they embark on their mission to heal humanity with the understanding that the practice of Somiatry is more than a career, it is a calling.